AQ’s Signature Sunday Brunch

The word, brunch, is a construction of, breakfast + lunch.  But AQ’s Signature Sunday Brunch is more than that. AQ’s Signature Sunday Brunch is a trifecta of breakfast, lunch AND dinner.

As you enter the dining room rotunda you will marvel at the 50-foot domed ceiling with grande chandelier and view of the beach and the Atlantic Ocean beyond.  Despite the expansiveness, once seated you will feel the intimacy of this magnificent room.  Enjoy your welcome Mimosa and explore the food selections presented in the adjoining bar area.

Part of the luxury of AQ’s Signature Sunday Brunch is the superb service of the waiters and the service staff at the hot food stations.  Expect white or black napkins to suit your apparel, your chair pulled out for you, your plates carried back to your table and then promptly cleared when you have finished eating.  As you progress through your meal watch how the appropriate utensils magically appear.  A staff member is always within sight for anything you might need.

To optimize this THREE-meals-in-one experience you must pace yourself. Start with a fresh juice of your choice.  If you are adventurous, try one of the combos like Mixed Berry, Tropical Fruit, or even Watermelon Juice. If you fancy cocktails with brunch, Il Mulino has the option to select unlimited drinks, which include Mimosas, Mojitos, Bellini’s, and Bloody Marys.

Next visit the omelet station for a made-to-order egg creation of your own invention.  No need to hang around waiting.  It will be brought piping hot to you.  On your way back to your table select from a variety of breads delivered fresh each morning from Zak the Baker in Miami’s hip Wynwood Design District. And do not miss the assorted cheeses, bacon and sausage, fresh sliced salmon and bagels, waffles and pancakes with maple syrup, assorted yogurts and fresh berries too.

Now, take your time and savor each element of your personally crafted breakfast.  And while you are savoring, look out the window toward the ocean, listen to the live music, and r  e  l  a  x  .

Now it is time for lunch.  Choose from assorted sliced meats, sautéed mushrooms, fresh green salad, sliced tomatoes, mozzarella, seafood station and poached salmon sliced specifically for you.

Finally, let’s not forget about dinner.  Perhaps the most striking signature items on AQ’s Signature Sunday Brunch are three entrée items from Il Mulino’s 5-star dinner menu — lobster ravioli, gnocchi Bolognese and Il Mulino’s famous porcini ravioli.  Do not miss this opportunity to try all three.  And best of all, perfectly prepared filet mignon sliced to your taste.

Not ready for dessert yet?  Sip another Mimosa or try another combo fruit drink.  Luxuriate in the scale and ambiance of where you are.  The scale of the space, the live music in the background, the palm trees outside swaying in the breeze and the Atlantic Ocean, all within your field of vision.  It is a moment to savor, a moment to remember.

NOW it is time for dessert.  Pastries, assorted croissants, Brigadeiro du Pistachio, Cognac chocolate truffles, French macarons, apple/cinnamon muffins, sliced fruit and more.  And do not forget a hot beverage – assorted teas, and custom-made espresso and coffee drinks.

What ‘s next?  Time for a nap.  You earned it.

By Miles E. Kuttler