Design Forecast: Q&A with David Bromstad

We recently sat down with David Bromstad, Interior Designer and HGTV Design Personality, to get the inside scoop on everything from 2016 interior design trends to social media to life in Miami.

What kind of design trends do you forecast for 2016?

I foresee people continuing to combine contemporary elements with natural, traditional and organic elements in the coming years. We are always so black and white, but never gray. Design is making a movement and I am super excited about it. Mixing elements, combining different materials, different textures, metals and woods to create a new fantastic look. I love bringing in the old and combining with the new. It’s an entirely trending style that people have adopted and making their own.

How would you describe your design-style, in three words?

Eclectic, relatable and edgy.

What’s your favorite memory from starring on HGTV?

Winning Design Star. It changed my life in an instant! If that didn’t happen none of everything that’s happened to me would not have been possible.

What is your proudest design project?

The HGTV home with Sherwin Williams. It was the entire home in Coconut Grove. It was a huge project and it was so much fun!

What’s a design trend that will never ‘get old’?

Color. Color is forever changing and new color combinations and shades are always trending. This is one trend that will never get old.

We love your design collaboration with Kipling luggage! What was your inspiration?

I always loved the old world travel style. I think back to the days when people were boarding ships and trains with their steamer trunks and gorgeous pieces of luggage. They were always dressed and looking fabulous. I wanted to bring this element into my collection. I was overjoyed with the final product. When I saw the prototypes I almost screamed. The design team at Kipling brought my ideas and renderings to life in this collection and I couldn’t be happier.

You’ve got quite the following on social media! What’s your best advice when posting on social media?

It’s different for everyone, but for me, because of my career, people love to see inside my world and see what I do on a daily basis. I always try and keep it real and always offer advice on design tips. I would advise not to overcast about dramatic moments in your life because it turns people off sometimes. Remain positive and make your posts interesting and relatable to your life. Make people want to read your posts and keep them interesting.

What’s your favorite aspect of living in Miami Beach?

I love the diversity and culture here. It’s a melting pot of so many different cultural backgrounds. It gives Miami its spicy element. I also LOVE the beaches and the water. Our beaches are some of the best and prettiest in the world.

What’s most important to you when staying at a luxury hotel or resort?

LUXURY! Being pampered and spoiled. The bed has to be super comfy, as if you’re sleeping on a cloud. Relaxation is a must. Having a gorgeous pool and spa is something that separates luxury properties from ordinary hotels we usually stay in.