Meredith Gratton talks design inspiration behind The Mansion’s Swarovski chandeliers

Growing up in Plattsburgh, New York, Meredith Gratton was surrounded by the Adirondacks and Lake Champlain, giving her the utmost appreciation for the beauty of nature. During her four year college career at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, where she studied Industrial Design, Meredith recognized the importance of life experiences and interactions with nature.

One evening, after a stressful day in the studio, Meredith decided to unwind with a casual walk through the courtyard – barefoot, which she often did – feeling the blades of grass beneath her feet. But this time, this small connection with nature had a big effect on her. Meredith realized how small moments of relief can benefit us and further explored this connection with nature in her senior design project at Wentworth.

Discovering a true intimate connection with nature and design, Meredith brought this idea of “small moments of relief” with her to her job at Swarovski, and began to design crystal solutions that brought people a distraction from their everyday lives, reminding them of the beauty of life.

When Meredith was asked to design a crystal chandelier for The Mansions at Acqualina, she knew that she had to look for inspiration from the environment around her. The Mansions at Acqualina chandelier, made up of 23,000 crystals, was inspired by the property’s oceanfront location. The intent of this chandelier was to capture the fluidity of water and the dancing of sunlight across its surface – in a dynamic sparkling crystal fixture.

The forms of the crystal “ribbons” mimic the undulation of the ocean surface and the custom fiber optic lighting system fades on and off to create an effect on the crystal surface similar to the sun dancing on the waves. Looking at the light pattern that is created on the floor beneath the fixture, the effect is reminiscent of being underwater, gazing at the sun or perhaps at the stars. Entering the lobby residents and visitors are mesmerized by the fixture’s elegant crystal interpretation of nature.

“I love the idea that I can create something that will make people stop, look and be enchanted. Swarovski crystal itself is enchanting. The way the crystal refracts light to create sparkle adds life and vibrancy to spaces,” said Gratton. “Of course, nothing I create can ever compare with the true beauty of nature, even with the magic of Swarovski crystals, but I hope in creating crystal art pieces inspired by nature, I can give people moments of relief that remind them of the beauty of our world and at least make them smile.”

The Mansions at Acqualina, a boutique oceanfront luxury residential tower, boasts 79 spacious residences with unparalleled amenities and world-class services. The sold out development priced at $8.4 to $55 million officially opened in August 2015. With the sales success of The Mansions at Acqualina, developers Eddie and Jules Trump of The Trump Group recently announced the launch of its new sister property, The Estates at Acqualina.