Play Any Course in the World

For many of us, envisioning stepping onto a challenging golf course on a calm, clear day, with the sunshine and a cool ocean breeze caressing our skin, eases our minds and allows us to reach a relaxed and content state.

Coming back to reality and realizing that there are certain forces in the universe keeping us from our favorite pastime whether it be the weather, time restraints or even a lack of quality golf courses in our area, we have come to the conclusion that not getting out to the links is absolutely no reason not to perfect our game and indulge in our passion; therefore, we’ve discovered the art of the golf simulator. The world’s best golf simulator is just one of the many opulent amenities the residents of the Mansions at Acqualina may enjoy.

You may argue the point that nothing will recreate the feeling of the sun and sea surrounding you as land your last putt and we can’t dispute that; however, an advanced golf simulator is not Wii Sports Golf nor is it a lame arcade game, it is a highly advanced piece of technology that can analyze your swing, detect countless factors that go into your shot, and actually improve the accuracy of your golf game.

And let’s be honest, Pebble Beach and St. Andrews are thousands of miles apart, wouldn’t it be nice to get closer to those pins, perfect your stroke, and play full rounds of golf while you’re on a lunch break?