The Acqua Burger – It's the Real Deal

In these days of gourmet-burgers and build-your-own-burgers, everything still depends on the patty.  No matter what you put on the burger or how you camouflage it, if the burger itself is not sensational, it is just salad-on-a-bun with a disc of chopped beef.

The Acqua Burger is that sensational burger and here’s why:  It all starts with, the patty.  When you eat a steak you can cut away the fat and just eat the lean beef.  But a little bit of fat enhances the flavor, keeps the burger juicy and is actually good for you.  Yes, good for you.

Research has shown that people gain more weight consuming drinks with artificial sweeteners than from having a little fat in their diet.  Your body needs a little bit of everything and a juicy burger is a great way to fulfill your fat requirement.

What sets The Acqua Burger apart from every other burger you have ever eaten is the proportion of beef and fat.  The meat is Florida-raised Wagu Beef, one the leanest meats available.  The Acqua Burger is ground fresh according to a specific recipe created by our Executive Sous Chef, Anthony Dominguez.  The 8-ounce ground patty that emerges is not handled or shaped by human hands, thus maintaining the integrity of the beef while respecting the structure of the microscopic fat cells.  Your personal Acqua Burger patty is produced no more than 36 hours before it hits the grill.

Did your mother ever fry hamburgers in a skillet for you?  Did your dad ever cook burgers on a backyard charcoal grill?  If yes, then know how wonderful those burgers tasted.  The Acqua Burger tastes like a combination of those two classics. The fresh beef is grilled over a gas flame at 400 – 500 degrees Fahrenheit for no more than 4 – 8 minutes, depending on how rare or how well cooked it is requested.  The high heat and short cooking time ensures that the exterior of the patty is seared and crusted while the interior remains moist and juicy.  By the time it is removed from the grill, the patty is 90% beef and only 10% fat.   No fillers or artificial ingredients have been added, only a little salt and pepper.    The taste of the patty speaks for itself.

The Acqua Burger begins with a perfectly blended patty, but there is more.  The egg-based brioche bun provides just the right amount of bread, making it the perfect handle to get this moist burger with that old-time-burger-taste into your mouth.  To customize your burger there are choices galore:  cooking temperatures from rare to well-cooked, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, Portobello, bacon, and a selection of 4 types of cheese – American, White Cheddar, Gorgonzola or Gruyere.   The Acqua Burger comes with your choice of perfectly cooked regular fries, sweet potato fries, onion rings or house salad.  Israeli couscous, tabouli salad and kale salad are available upon request.   Lettuce-wrap and gluten-free buns are also available.

With so many variables you could have a different Acqua Burger every day for almost 1000 years and never repeat the exact same combination of accompaniments.  The bottom line is:  You can have your gourmet build-it-yourself Acqua Burger and you can eat it too – over and over and over again.

By Miles E. Kuttler