The Rise of Hammam Spas

Inspired by Turkish baths, a Hammam Spa may be considered a traditional Moroccan sanctuary where for centuries men, women, and children have habitually gone to cleanse, de-stress, and socialize amongst their peers. The popularity of the hammam has made its way stateside, with many luxury properties incorporating a hammam in their list of amenities.

“Hammams are on the rise in the US because many people look for rituals that will cleanse our bodies and relax our minds,” says Isabel Tragash of STA Architectural Group who designed the Hammam Spa at The Mansions at Acqualina. “The Hammam is distinguished from other spa “wet areas” by the immersion of hot air as opposed to moist air or vapor. It also differs in that water may be used for exfoliating treatments as opposed to steam. The temperature on average in a Hammam is 107 degrees F, while saunas and steam baths usually exceed this temperature.”

The Estates at Acqualina, with its 264 exceptional residences in two stunning 50-story boutique towers will bring a “new residential experience in Sunny Isles, Florida” and its sister property The Mansions at Acqualina, which was designed to assure an unsurpassed lifestyle for residents of its 79 oceanfront “sky mansions,” will both feature exclusive spaces to relax and cleanse the mind.

Even in a city known for its wealth of impressive spas, the Hammam, with its history of breath-taking interiors, stands out. Stepping into a Hammam Spa is truly stepping into another world. In Miami, this “other world” fuses old world design with contemporary urban trends.

“The architectural shape of the space is based on smooth forms and soft architectural layering,” says Isabel Tragash, discussing the spa at The Mansions at Acqualina’s key design elements. “Three level step-ups clad in oversized heated marble slabs contour the semi-oval room. The Hammam features a semi-vaulted ceiling clad in white stone mosaic, scalloped ceiling layers with soft light glowing between layers and walls all clad in the white marble slabs. The focal point is its large monolithic belly stone also referred to as navel stone. Clad in white marble slab and mosaics, this treatment stone is highlighted by the backdrop of the rare stone Corteccia, book matched to perfection. Corteccia stone is native of Romania; its uniqueness comes from its abundant content of minerals. Connected to the Hammam is an experience shower room, a controlled deluge of pulsating water jets from ceiling and walls.”

The best Hammam Spas are a careful combination of old and new, public and private, ritual and technology.