The Stylist Behind Acqualina's New Retail Concept

Acqualina is excited to announce that we have teamed up with renowned stylist Amanda Gutierrez for a new retail concept inside of the award-winning Acqualina Spa by ESPA.

From the moment we met Amanda, we knew her deep appreciation for luxury and style along with her experience working with numerous luxury brands and designers made her the perfect fit for us. The new retail concept debuts April 1st and we are so excited for our hotel guests, residents, and spa clientele to shop her intriguing mix of contemporary ready-to-wear, swimwear, accessories, and specialty items.

Before the retail launch, we wanted to get inside the mind of this fashion expert to learn more about her background, find out what inspires her, and discover what it’s really like to be a luxury stylist -read on below!

1. Tell us about your background, where are you from?

My family is from Madrid, Spain – however I was born in Miami while my father was studying in the United States. When I was two years old, we went back to live in Spain.

2. You began your career as a lawyer before transitioning into fashion, what was the turning point for you when you decided to pursue a career as a stylist full time?

Even though I enjoyed studying law as I got a broad insight of business, history, economics, and of course law, I didn’t have passion for it. After six years of working in the field, I realized it wasn’t for me, I needed to do something that was more “artistic” and wanted to be in a field that didn’t require me to be in an office in front of a computer for 14 hours a day.

3. You’ve styled homes in New York, Beverly Hills, and Miami – what are the main differences working in Miami vs working in a city like Beverly Hills or New York?

Clients from every city are different of course – but I was very lucky to always work with clients and designers that had a similar vision and taste as I did, therefore it was easy for me to style
their homes even though they were all from more different backgrounds.

4. How did you transition from a home stylist into the hotel boutique industry?

I was a property manager for a short period of time, and I had the opportunity to style clients homes, an architect/designer saw my work and she offered the opportunity that I do the same for her clients. At the same time, I had it very clear in my mind that what I really wanted was to have a boutique as I have always loved fashion. After 4 years of working in home styling I decided to focus full time in opening my first boutique.

5. What drew you to the Acqualina retail concept?

Its exclusiveness and the overall elegance of the resort and its residences. Also, when I met the company’s CEO, Deborah Yager Fleming, I felt an instant connection and admiration for what she had created at Acqualina -I knew it was the perfect place for me.

6. Can you explain your curated retail experience? How do you make each store unique?

I am not really able to explain my experience- it’s more of an instinct and a feeling of what I think the guests of each hotel want. Each hotel has a different profile of guest and that makes each hotel and by consequence the boutique unique as well. However, the pieces I choose will always be my style and my taste, I am not able to sell something that I wouldn’t wear.

7. What key trends do you see coming through in the next few months?

One of my traits is that I don’t go for whatever the trend is -however metallics, burgundy, bright orange, rose, and light grey are key color trends this summer.

8. Three key pieces to buy this season?

Anjuna Kaftan, Artesano hat, and Leah Shlaer bikini.

9. How would you describe your personal style?

My style is classic, as I mentioned I never go with what is trending at the moment – I buy things that I will be able to wear now and 10 years from now as well.

10. Fashion “month” wrapped up in February – did you attend any of the shows? Any highlights?

Yes of course, I go to Paris twice a year and New York four times a year for the shows. February is not a big buy for me as it is for fall delivery and Miami its spring/summer year round! That being said, I did buy fun t-shirts and beautiful Italian cashmere sweaters and scarves.

11. Favorite place in the world for shopping?


12. Cities that inspire you the most

I get inspired by every new place I go to. My passion is to travel, meet new people, eat delicious new food, and enjoy experiences that I wouldn’t have been able to where I live.

13. One key fashion item you cannot live without?

A white t-shirt.

14. Favorite Designer?

Roland Mouret.

15. Any emerging designers you think we should take notice of?

Leah Shlaer- she is a very talented swimwear designer and I think she has a brilliant future.

16. Describe what your typical work day is like

I go to the gym every morning then I do my “rounds” to the boutiques.

17. Last vacation you took?

I went to Mayakoba in Quintana Roo, Mexico, now they called it the Riviera Maya. It was beautiful and relaxing.

18. Top 5 items you cannot travel without?

Jeans, plan white t-shirt, black tank top, black blazer and sneakers.

19. What is your most treasured possession?

I don’t treasure any material things. My most important treasure is my family.

20. Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?

I would love to have all my friends for dinner that I have in the countries I have lived that I rarely see.

21. What would you consider your greatest achievement?

I was a long distance swimmer.

22. What inspires you?

Everyday life, family, close friends, and my world travels.

23. The artist who has been an enduring influence?

Yves Saint Laurent

24. Do you collect anything?


25. Fragrance of choice?

Baccarat from Maison Francis Kurkdjian