Tips to Create a Memorable Meeting

“Time is really the only capital that any human being has and the thing that he can least afford to waste or lose” – Thomas Edison

If you find checking your Instagram feed, responding to emails or reading this blog article is a better use of your time than the meeting you’re currently sitting in, you are not alone. Meetings are not the most popular workplace activity, but with a creative approach, solid planning, and expert execution, a company meeting will leave everyone feeling energized.

At Acqualina, we specialize in creating intimate to mid-sized meetings for our clients that are worth remembering. We focus on the kind of get-togethers that will inspire attendees while encouraging creativity and participation – all in a five star, oceanfront setting.

Below we’ve complied our top 5 foolproof tips for creating a memorable meeting.

Plan Icebreakers

Force the audience members to interact directly with one another – split the audience into breakout groups and plan collaborate icebreakers so your attendees can play along. By helping everyone bond, you are creating more visceral impressions of the event.

Offer a variety of seating

Arranging a meeting space to a client’s specifications is of utmost importance, but we encourage mixing it up whenever possible. Reserve part of the setup for high top tables with bar stools or soft seated vignettes, this will encourage attendees to mingle and share ideas with more than the people at their immediate table. Flexibility is key.

Move people around

If you’ve assigned seats, why not re-assign them after every break? This way everyone can get a fresh perspective from their neighbor on every session of the conference. This may seem unnecessary, but regularly changing points of view can spur imagination, foster different perspectives, and ultimately make for am more productive meeting.

Encourage participation

People are always more interested in a topic when they are able to participate. Therefore, we recommend always involving your attendees in an interactive presentation by asking questions and seeking feedback. Presentations should be rich in imagery with accompanying verbiage that is short and sweet.

Serve healthier options

The traditional coffee and soda setup is outdated, not to mention high in sugar and caffeine. Consider options such as fresh pressed juices, smoothies, coconut water, and herbal teas for more of a natural mood booster. The same methodology should be applied to all meals. Eggs, multigrain breads, fruits and vegetables, and hearty salads are all considered “brain foods” as opposed to standard meeting fare such as sandwiches and chips. As an addition, consider offering high-energy snacks all day long, rather than just at breaks. Think vegetables with hummus, trail mix and/or fresh fruit. This will give attendees more energy throughout the day.

Looking for a space to host your next company meeting? Click here to find out more about oceanfront meeting rooms and venue options.